Another dimensión to Foie Gras

Our Naturally Fat Liver is a seasonal product, that we can only obtain in winter. It shows a smaller size compared to the force fed foie gras. Our version has a specific taste profile:

  • You can find countryside traces, and a less buttery profile than the “gavage” foie (our has more protein and less fat)
  • Fat accumulation in the liver cells happens slowly, progressively and in a natural manner, into multiples micro-granules (steatosis micro-vesicular), which adds quality to our Foie. On the other hand, the ”gavaged foie” accumulates fat in bigger granules (steatosis macro-vesicular), weakening and even breaking cell walls
  • Thanks to the more natural disposition of the fat in the liver tissue, our product reduces the risk of melting when cooking (fat drain or “fond”), and the liver keeps its flavour and texture.


Tasting our Foie Gras is a unique and unforgettable experience, that brings back original and authentic flavours

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Types of Foie Gras

“Foie Gras Entier” is the best Quality Foie Gras. It is a single liver. A maximum of two pieces from the same liver can be pack in a same glass jar.

Goose: the origin of Foie Gras

Originally all FoieGras came from Goose. But this is not an “easy” animal. As it still keeps part of its wild instinct and its “active” character, does not tolerate well