Our geese are raised freely in Andalusia, southern Spain, in the Dehesa de Fuente Obejuna (Córdoba) in the heart of the Sierra de Hornachuelos. Thanks to our ecological breeding system, the geese spend every day grazing in the meadows surrounded by holm oaks and feasting on the fruits of these trees, the acorns, when they are available in autumn and winter, which is the period when geese naturally gain fat.

These are the same acorns, rich in oleic acid, that make up the diet of the famous “bellota” Iberian pig with its highly acclaimed marbling of fat. Many of the flavours, nuances and aromas of our products are due to the acorn, giving rise to a very special texture in the mouth and unique flavours.

The meat from our geese is characterised both by its bright red colour and by its fine marbling (intramuscular fat infiltration). Slowly matured meat that is reminiscent of game, capable of revealing flavours and colours that evoke the link with the land, and the passion and care dedicated to its production.