“De Bellota” / Acorn

Acorn is a highly caloric food that generates natural fat infiltration in the meat and liver of our geese. Labourdette geese are raised in freedom on big “dehesa” (acorn countryside areas) in Spain, in an extensive traditional system called “montanera”. They are fed on seeds, natural grass and the acorn (bellota) that falls from the trees. 


These are the same acorn rich in oleic acid that feed the Iberian pig and generate its fat infiltration. Many of the flavours and aromas we get in our products come from the acorn (bellota). It brings a very special texture in mouth.


Our geese meat is different because its shiny red colour and its fine marbling (intra-muscle fat infiltration). It is a slow-growth meat that resembles the hunting one, able to evoke the link to the earth, the passion and careful love on its preparation..