Acorn (bellota) is a highly caloric food that generates natural fat infiltration in the meat and liver of our geese. This fruit is only available from October to January, and when is ripe it falls on the ground. These are the same acorn rich in oleic acid that feed the Iberian pig and generate its fat infiltration. Many of the flavours and aromas we get in our products come from the acorn. It brings a very special texture in mouth.


Our geese are raised in freedom on big “dehesa” (acorn countryside areas) in Spain, in an extensive traditional system called “montanera”. They are fed on seeds, natural grass and the acorn that falls from the trees, so they generate an excellent quality slow-growth meat that slightly resembles hunting meat. The infiltrated fat lines inside the meat is part of the unique characteristics versus duck magret. Our geese do give us a natural, tasty, full of bellota aromas, beautiful product.




Remove from fridge and plate some 15 minutes before tasting, leaving it at room temperature (25ºC) till consumption. This way we will get a partial melting of the infiltrated fat, that maximizes the flavours and gives a perfect texture. Lay the whole slices folded on small toasts. We recommend to enjoy next to a classic, well aged and decanted red wine, like Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toscana or Piamonte.



Vacuum-packed bag 40 g (approx. 10 slices)



Goose breast, salt and pepper



Keep refrigerated between 0ºC and +7ºC


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