The production takes place at the end of winter. Thus it will not be available before the spring season.


A seasonal product obtained without force feeding. That we can only obtain in winter. Smaller in size than the one coming from “gavage” (forced fed aninals), our version has a specific taste profile:


  • You can find countryside traces, and a less buttery profile than the “gavage” foie (our has more protein and less fat)
  • Fat accumulation in the liver cells happens slowly, progressively and in a natural manner, into multiples micro-granules (steatosis micro-vesicular), which adds quality to our Foie. On the other hand, the ”gavaged foie” accumulates fat in bigger granules (steatosis macro-vesicular), weakening and even breaking cell walls
  • Thanks to the more natural disposition of the fat in the liver tissue, our product reduces the risk of melting when cooking (fat drain or “fond”), and the liver keeps its flavour and texture




Open the glass jar some 6 hours prior to consumption, and keep it open inside the fridge. This oxygenation process (like good wines)  helps to improve its flavours. To obtain the perfect texture, it is recommended to remove the product from the fridge 15 minutes prior to tasting. Best moment to enjoy the Foie naturellement Gras mi-cuit is at the beginning of the meal, when our palate is not yet influenced by other flavours. We suggest to cut small and slices of the Foie naturellement Gras and put them on top of a toast (do not spread). You can add on top some salt flakes to strengthen the flavour. Once in mouth, press the Foie naturellement Gras to the palate and enjoy it while it melts down.




The unctuous character and the creamy texture of the Foie naturellement Gras demands a wine from a late harvest and excellent quality, white or red. We should avoide young wines or without body. Traditionally Yquem, Sauternes o Jurançon wines are a great company. For a modern combination we suggest Champagne, specially rosé, Sherry sweet white wines like Cream, Pale Cream or Porto. If you want to add some jam or chutney, we recommend non-citrus fruit like apple, fig or mango




Le Parfait 125 g glass jar in a carton box with an explanatory leaflet.




Keep refrigerated between 0ºC to 5ºC


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