Types of Foie Gras

  • “Foie Gras Entier” is the best Quality Foie Gras. It is a single liver. A maximum of two pieces from the same liver can be pack in a same glass jar. This is the finest product you can get. 
  • “Bloc de Foie Gras” Made of bits of foie gras (different livers) stirred and condensed into a block shape. There is an industrial mechanical process to turn the bits and leftovers into a paste, that later is solidified inside the pack. 
  • “Mousse de Foie Gras” bits of foie gras mashed and turned into puree until and emulsified texture is achieved. May contain sub-products like veins. Has a 30% of foie gras. 
  • “Pâté de Foie Gras” bits of foie gras combined with other products like pork, duck meat. Contains a20% of Foie Gras. 
  • “Pâté” Bits of liver (not necessarily fatty one) mixed with pork, chicken, milk, eggs and spices. Does not contain Foie Gras


At Labourdette we only make best quality Foie Gras, the “Entier”

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